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A weekly show that focuses on current topics in geek film news. Hosts Dave and Jay will go through a week of movie news, describe the beers they are drinking, and discuss a topic of the week. Rate and review us on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter @SuperMovieBros and be part of our conversations. Check out our other Podcast Movie Cocktail on iTunes.
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Jul 29, 2016

Hosts Dave (@The Berzerkerguy) & Jay (@JDShort) bring you news from SDCC 2016. We have news and trailer impressions on Fantastic Beast: And Where to Find Them, Kong Skull Island, Guy Richie's King Arthur. We discuss our love for Netflix's Stranger Things. Dr. Strange has a full trailer and Jay is not impressed and Dave is optimistic. We also have a brief impression on the short Iron Fist trailer and spew our love all over the Luke Cage trailer. We drink brews from Great Lakes Brewing Co. Two IPAs, a Session and an Imperial IPA. In our main topic we tackle all of the new WB and DC Comics trailers and new info from SDCC. Our hopes and aspirations for Suicide Squad and talk about just how much Joker and Batman we will get in the film. We also discuss and Breakdown the Justice League trailer and express our true feelings for it. The Woman trailer is out, and while it is great to have a Wonder Woman film on the horizion, we can't help but notice how much the trailer reminds of of another super hero who spent some time in a World War. Please listen and give us your feedback.

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Jul 21, 2016

Hosts @TheBerzerkerguy (Dave) & @JDShort (Jay) brings news and discussion on the future of Star Trek films and TV. They also discuss Lucasfilm news on Star Wars: Rogue One and Indiana Jones. Game of Thrones season 7 episode count and Sony Pictures continuation of the Ghostbusters' franchise. For beers we are drinking Troegs and Long Trail Beers. In out main discussion we give our impressions on BvS: Ultimate Edition and the NEW Ghostbusters film (Spoiler free)

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Jul 14, 2016

This week Jay (@jdshort) and Dave (@The BerzerkerGuy) Give news on Star Trek: Beyond and Star Treks first LGBT character as well as Fox's new X-men related TV series that has been announced. We also discuss the now unlikelihood of a shared Marvel/Fox universe with new comments made by producer of X-men franchises at Fox in regards to X-Men, Gambit, and Deadpool 2. Dave ponders why they are making another Saw film. Jay talks about his Oscar bait films he is looking forward to. Dave and Jay also give new news on the Universal Monster shared universe and give their opinions on it. And we talk casting news for Kingsman 2. We drink 4 beers from Neshaminy Creek Brewery in Bucks County PA, follow them @NCBCBeer on Twitter. In our topic of the week we breakdown and speculate on who Scott Eastwood will playing in the Suicide Squad film. Is he Nightwing, Jason Todd, Deathstroke, or just Lt. "GQ" Edwards. Here our opinions and weigh in.

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Jul 7, 2016

This week Jay(@JDShort) and Dave (@TheBerzerkerguy) talk a little about what they have been up to in the past week. Dave gives his impressions on The Shallows, Green Room, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Independence Day: Resurgence. Jay has been watching Bloodline and Orange is the new Black on Netflix. Dave is re-watching Game of Thrones entire series. In news Dave and Jay discuss Harley Quinn's fighting prowess in Suicide Squad, J.K. Rowling writing the sequel to Fantastic Beasts, the filming on Thor: Ragnarok, and Pixar's plans for the future, and Game of Thrones Season 7 delay. They also run down this week's box office and Batman's BvS murder count. This week in beer Jay and Dave are drinking beers from Weyerbacher Brewery is Easton, PA. In this week's topic We give our own personal top 5 Spielberg films in honor of BFG performing so poorly in the box office. We also discuss the lack of truly quality Spielberg films in the past decade.

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