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A weekly show that focuses on current topics in geek film news. Hosts Dave and Jay will go through a week of movie news, describe the beers they are drinking, and discuss a topic of the week. Rate and review us on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter @SuperMovieBros and be part of our conversations. Check out our other Podcast Movie Cocktail on iTunes.
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Nov 26, 2016

DOUBLE SIZED EPISODE!!! WITH TRIPLE THE MOVIEIS!!! Its been a little while and Dave and Jay explain their tardiness for these episodes. Jay and Dave catch up on their lives...again as they have recorded these episodes twice each. Dave and Jay talk about the TV shows they have been enjoying like The Fall and WestWorld. Dave talks about Dr. Strange, Jay talks about Moonlight, Hacksaw Ridge, and The Edge of Seventeen. Then Dave and Jay try their best to explain the lofty ideas of and deep meanings in Arrival. We finish up with discussing what we didn't like about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the few things we did like. There are beer reviews for two beers from Troeggs Brewing Co. in Hershey, PA. Its been a long time...too long. It feels good to be back. This episode runs a little long but we hope you enjoy the new content and the changes we have made.

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Thanks for putting up with hugely long double episode.


Nov 7, 2016

Its Halloween so Dave and Jay talk about the things that they thought were awesome this week. Jay is still in love with his weekly WestWorld.  Dave checked out some horror films (Deathgasm & Fear Inc.) and liked them both. Dave thinks kids are ruining the Halloween holiday and Jay is back to making up pronunciations for words. In news The Flash loses its director. Disney announces a new live action re-imagining of yet another animated classic. Madea is still winning the box office before Dr. Strange comes out. Donald Glover will play Lando. DAve and Jay also discuss the short list of actresses who may play Domino in Deadpool 2. For beers this week there is The Techno I.P.A. and The Kragle I.P.A. from Free Will Brewing C.O. out of Perkasie, PA. One is so hoppy it smells like a Greatful Dead concert. In the main topic this week Dave and Jay discuss the their top 5 horror films of all time.

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