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A weekly show that focuses on current topics in geek film news. Hosts Dave and Jay will go through a week of movie news, describe the beers they are drinking, and discuss a topic of the week. Rate and review us on iTunes. Follow us on Twitter @SuperMovieBros and be part of our conversations. Check out our other Podcast Movie Cocktail on iTunes.
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Feb 26, 2017

Episode 33 is here to pleasure your ears. We start off by recounting our trip to Baltimore for Dave's bachelor party and we find out what an Inception Shot is and just how quickly a night can go from mundane to monstrous drunk fun in 30 seconds. Then Jay and Dave have three movie reviews. Dave reviews A Dog's Purpose and The Great Wall and Jay has a review for A Cure for Wellness. We have promos from two other #PodernFamily shows So I Married a Movie Geek and VIA VHS. In Indie Corner Jay gives his impressions on A Bigger Splash and can't stop focusing on Ralph Finnes' dong in that film, which prompts Dave to ponder if Jay would rather it be Ryan Gosling's dick? We find out just how connected Jay feels he is to Gosling and just what he would do if he were to meet him. In our beer reviews we drink and review Kentucy Ales Barrel Aged beers and find them surprisingly smooth. In the topic of the week Dave and Jay discuss what is the formula for adapting source material into film and what are the pit falls some studios have fallen into in recent years.

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Feb 20, 2017

Dave and Jay run down the litany of shit they've been watching over the past week. Jay found Peaky Blinders and Dave (who never watched the show) tries to figure out the meaning of the show's title. Dave gives his impressions on Santa Clarita Diet w/ minor spoilers for episode 1. Jay gives us the worst review of 50 Shades Darker while Dave explains why he loves the meta nature of Lego Batman: The Movie. Then Dave and Jay come together hard and review John Wick: Chapter 2 and argue which John Wick film was better and decided to let you on twitter answer that question. In TRAILER PARK Jay and Dave break down the trailers they saw before John Wick: Chapter 2 and give updated impressions on Kong Skull Island, Saban's Power Rangers, and Ghosts in the Shell. In Jay's Indie Corner Jay talks about Son of a Gun (2014) and Captain Fantastic (2016). Then review beers from Ballast Point Brewing Dave loves the Manta Ray Double IPA and Jay laments about how much he hates the Long Fin Lager, Dave also has a special Ryan Gosling beer to give Jay so he can drink his love for the actor. To round out the show Dave and Jay discuss movie HYPE and how it can get fatiguing and potentially cause harm to the property. Its a fun discussion that we would like the listeners to weigh in on via Twitter.

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Feb 13, 2017

Jay and Dave decided to walk hand in hand down memory lane in this all nostalgia show. We recap how we spent our super bowl and Dave forces Jay to compliment him on his homemade wings. Then Jay and Dave run down their nostalgia boner jams from films. Sex scenes, nudity, animation...all the things that made young Dave and Jay experience boners. Then over in Jay's Indie Corner Dave and Jay run down the independent films that they remember being introduced to first and hold aa special place for them. In Beer Reviews we review 2 beers from Flying Dog Brewery with the Denali Single Hop IPA and the Salt and Pepper Tripel from their Brewhouse Rarities line. Then finally Jay and Dave run down the films that fill them with the most nostalgia growing up as well as including some listener feedback on their favorite nostalgic films from their past.

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Feb 7, 2017

SMB Dave & SMB Jay discuss Ben Affleck's recent departure from the director's seat on The Batman production. We also give our wish list for replacement directors. Jay give a brief impression on Netflix's O.A. In Jay's Indie Corner Jay goes back to 2010 and discusses Blue Valentine and its heart breaking nature. Dave and drink their monthly flight of beers with 2 beers from Shipyard Brewing and Boulder Brewing Co. In this main topic Dave spills on why he hates the Oscars and Jay defends them. Then Jay and Dave discuss the best director and best films nominations and discuss their picks for director and film of the year.

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